Support Term Limits for State Legislators

Reform Government & Drain the Minnesota Swamp!

This year I re-introduced HF982, a State constitutional amendment to enact term limits for Minnesota State legislators. This would mean you can't run if you've served more than 12 years combined in the MN House and Senate.  

I also chief authored HF915, a joint resolution to call a constitutional convention to propose a constitutional amendment for federal, Congressional term limits. Congress has a 17 percent approval rating, but a 95% re-election rate. That's because our elected leaders can abuse their power to keep away electoral challenges, which transfers power away from citizens and into the hands of unaccountable career politicians. Won’t you help us break this cycle, by signing the online petition below?

Yes, I support term limits on legislators! Let's end career politicians and begin the path to restore responsible governance.

GOAL: 1,000 signatures

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