Stop the Mandates

On Thanksgiving, I joined hundreds of legislators from 33 States to pen a letter to President Biden supporting the 5th Circuit Appeals Court decision which found his vaccine mandate unconstitutional and called on him to rescind his mandate on medical workers, whose firing under his mandate is hurting our response to address COVID.
Thank you to Minnesota Representatives Cal Bahr, Steve Drazkowski, Tim Miller, Eric Lucero, Erik Mortensen, Glenn Gruenhagen, and Mary Franson for joining me on this letter.
Please sign the petition below and I will provide updates to you on our progress to end this nationally or to block these mandates within our State.

Regardless of whether someone chooses to be vaccinated or not, the Government should not be mandating vaccines and firing medical workers who have made a personal medical decision to not be vaccinated or to disclose to the government that they have chosen to be vaccinated. President Biden should rescind his executive order withholding Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements from medical facilities which do not fire workers based on vaccine status. 

Who's signing

Lisa Schindler
Sarah Wiebe
Angela Meath
Makayla Schmidlin
Stephanie mast
Donna Kelly
Emily R
Jennifer Moroz
Daniel Rabbitt
Einertson Jamie
Jaimie Marx
Lynn Blanchard
Nancy Smoley
Mark Marcy
Angella Coil
Christina Beauregard
James Conway
Elaine Bakewicz
Sara Conway
Lindsey Johnson
Randy Shepard
Jennifer Wagner
Karen Holz
Capri Mikula
Leif Larsen
Sarah Portz
Sherry Potter
Andrea Buchner
Michele Staskiewicz
Jordan Muhonen
GOAL: 140 signatures

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