Support Single Subject Bills


Article IV, Section 17 of Minnesota's Constitution states: "No law shall embrace more than one subject, which shall be expressed in its title." This means combining dozens or hundreds of bills into one multi-subject omnibus bill is clearly unconstitutional. Yet, each year the Minnesota legislature continues to violate its constitutional oath by creating multi-subject, omnibus policy and spending bills. This is how the government continues to grow and give handouts to special interests and feed the lobbyists in St Paul. Sign the petition below to strengthen our single-subject requirement through the constitutional amendment in House File 986.  We can't hold our legislators accountable when hundreds of bills are rolled into one vote.  Single-subject bills bring transparency, accountability, and honesty to the government.  

YES, I SUPPORT SINGLE SUBJECT BILLS IN THE MINNESOTA LEGISLATURE!  Please pass HF986 so we can stop the pork, stop the lobbyist handouts, and begin to hold our legislators accountable for their votes!

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