5 Question Survey for the Mankato City Council

The City of Manakto will be voting on a potential ordinance modeled after Minneapolis' misdemeanor penalty and $1,000.00 fine for anyone over the age of two inside a store or public space without a mask. 

My district includes part of Mankato, but we all go to Mankato to shop, dine, see a movie, go to the gym, or any one of a hundred activities which would put us at risk of this fine if not properly masked.

The city council's first vote on June 22 was to proceed with drafting an ordinance.  A special meeting was called for Monday June 29 to potentially vote on it.  The normal period of public input can be shortened to only 72 hours if need be.  I would like your input, and would like to share this with Mankato's City Council Members. Entering your address will provide a stronger impact to show you are near Manakto. If you allow, I will email you a summary of the polling data to show the results. 

If not required, do you currently wear a mask when shopping or dining?