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watch Rep. Jeremy Munson & Walter Hudson debate HF2423

Rep. Jeremy Munson has introduced HF2423, "A County process established to request approval to be excluded from the Territory of Minnesota, application and final approval of exclusion request requirements established, and constitutional amendment proposed." This bill, if passed, starts the process for allowing Western Minnesota Counties to vote to join the State of South Dakota, or any County to vote on joining a neighboring State. Please sign the petition below, to show your support of this bill. Minnesota becomes more politically polarized every year and the metro politicians have shown us that rural Minnesotans are no longer represented by St Paul. 

Five Counties in the State of Oregon are voting this May on whether to join Idaho. 

State lines have been relocated many times in American history because it just takes an interstate compact between two state legislatures and the approval of Congress.

If the United States were governed as a single state, we wouldn’t have the opportunity for state governance to vary according to the culture of a local area. The purpose of having state lines is to allow this variance. This proposal is different from creating a new state because it does not affect the balance of power in the US Senate. This means that it’s more likely to be approved by the MN Legislature. Read Newsweek's Response to the bill.

YES, I support HF2423 and believe we should vote on allowing each County to vote to leave MN and join South Dakota or a Neighboring State that respects our Constitution and values Freedom. 

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