COVID Funds to Cities and Counties

This week at the legislature, we will be addressing the $2.1 Billion in federal CARE funds (for COVID-19) approriated from Congress to Minnesota. If the legislature does not appropriate its use, the Governor will be given sole discretion on how to spend it. The Senate has passed and the House is attempting to take up a bill appropriating ~$840 million to local towns and counties. The US Congress appropriated money directly to Hennepin and Ramsey Counties and they have already been paid.

While this is still taxpayer funds, I believe it is best put to use by local governments.

Here are the numbers for towns in the district. Unlike normal LGA funds, which are granted based on age of infrastructure, unemployment rates, tax base, etc, this is straight-up $75.34 per resident. This is proposed funding and has not yet passed the legislature or been signed into law.

I have also uploaded draft documents for the rest of the towns (>200 residents), cities, and counties of Minnesota.  For towns less than 200 residents, the legislation states they can request funds directly from their counties.