Electoral Votes by Congressional District

For the Presidential Election, each State is granted one Elector for each member of Congress. Minnesota has 8 US Representatives in the House and 2 US Senators, for a total of 10 Electors. Democrats want to end the electoral college and give all of our electors to the winner of the national popular vote. I oppose this idea and offer a better one: appropriating electoral votes by congressional district. 

48 States allocate all Electors based on a winner-take-all mentality. Two States, Maine and Nebraska, allocate their electoral votes by the popular vote in each Congressional district. The remaining 2 electors go to either the winner of a majority of congressional districts or statewide popular vote. 

The bill I have introduced would make Minnesota a swing state in every Presidential election. All Candidates would come here to campaign for a chance at winning at least one electoral vote. Even metro Democrats should like this bill because Democrat candidates will come here even though traditionally Minnesota's electoral votes have always gone to the Democrat for the past 50 years. Sign the petition below to support this bill and receive updates on its progress. 

Let's reform our election law and amplify Minnesota's voice in national politics. 

YES, I support allocating our electoral votes by Congressional district and the two Statewide electors based on the Statewide popular vote!

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