Dear Residents of Southern Minnesota,

For the past four years, I represented Southern Minnesota’s interests and values as a State Representative in the Minnesota Legislature. I live on a farm near Lake Crystal with my wife, Kallie, and our two daughters, Stella (14) and Gretta (11). I am a fifth-generation Minnesotan. My wife’s family has farmed in Blue Earth County for over 100 years. We bought our farm twenty years ago to raise our children near loved ones in a community that shares our rural values and ethics. I know what it means to work hard. I have spent thousands of hours helping my father-in-law work in the fields, grain bins, and barns. I also understand the challenges and unpredictable nature of owning a small business, as I worked as a self-employed business analyst for most of my career.

As one of the most conservative legislators in the state, I’ve spent my time in the legislature fighting for what is right for the people of Minnesota. I stood up against crony capitalism, lobbyists, and special interest groups that do not have our best interests in mind. I worked to engage voters and bring transparency to our government, so citizens can hold their elected officials accountable. I fought to defend the Constitution and filed lawsuits to end the lockdowns and preserve election integrity. I authored legislation supporting life, gun rights, term limits, free speech, cutting taxes and spending, providing medical price transparency, and the right to shop for healthcare.

As a father of two young girls, I am horrified politicians have left our children a mountain of debt and eroded their freedoms. I want to leave America a better place. This is why I am asking to be your voice in Congress.

In Liberty,

Jeremy Munson