Only 18% of Mail-In Ballots Returned

Mail in ballots make up the majority of rural votes in our district.  These are not absentee ballots – they are mailed to every registered voter in over half our precincts and where these voters do not have a local polling place open on election day.  These ballots arrived the first week of September and have an envelope and stamp ready to go.

As of 10/15, only 18% of the 4,388 mail-in ballots have been returned.  The remaining ballots are sitting on people’s kitchen tables or on the dashboard of their truck – we need your help to remind people to send in their ballots.  Notice three precincts that don’t have a single ballot returned?  Every vote counts and we have several tight state-wide races that really need our help.

If you lost your ballot or did not receive one, you can still vote in person at your county election office or call them, and they will send your another. If you are not registered, today is the last day to register by mail.  For more information on your options on how and where to vote, click HERE.