We need real solutions for the childcare shortage

We need real solutions to fix our child care shortage, so I went directly to the source by meeting with 50 childcare providers and parents this summer to draft bills, reforming the burdensome regulations that are causing providers to close.  Penalties for an insufficient number of crayons, prickly grass in the backyard, or a plunger in the bathroom are just a few examples of how the current over regulation of childcare providers is failing. I believe providers and parents should play a larger role in writing the rules which regulate them, not bureaucrats in St Paul.  As your representative, I am listening and will help carry this legislation to bring the relief needed to allow child care providers to continue providing safe and nurturing care for our kids. This is grassroots legislating. I am asking for your vote, so I can restore power to the people, be a voice for those people who need help and find real solutions to our problems.