My healthcare price transparency legislation was signed into law – what are the effects

Last Winter during the special election, while knocking on thousands of doors, I discussed my plan for lowering healthcare costs and promised to stand up against special interest groups and fight for price transparency at the doctor’s office.   I kept my word. As soon as, I was elected, I started working to pass legislation for price transparency in healthcare.  I faced a lot of resistance from various special interest groups, and my bill had a difficult time even making it to the floor for a vote, but I was finally able to force a vote by amending another bill that was scheduled to be heard to include the language from my price transparency legislation.  My legislation passed the house unanimously.  I insisted the bill not be lumped into the ominous bill and stand alone.  As a result, my legislation was signed into law and will come into effect next year!  

As a result, in 2019, doctors offices will publicly display the prices on their most frequently billed services. Furthermore, insurance companies will no longer be able to prohibit doctors from charging you the lower cash price if you have insurance! This is very important if you have a deductible or do not have insurance.  This law is a huge step forward in reducing healthcare costs in Minnesota, but I want to do much more.  We need to do much more!  Healthcare costs in Minnesota are absurd.  I need your vote in the general election so I can continue fighting to lower healthcare costs.  I promise that if elected, I will again stand up to special interest groups, be a strong voice for our needs, bring new solutions and change, and never stop working for you!  

This video was shot just after my legislation passed the house floor and before Gov. Dayton signed it into law.