Medical Price Transparency

Medical costs will break us if we don’t take action to reduce costs.  Last session, I authored and fought hard to pass legislation to help reduce healthcare costs.  My health care price transparency legislation was signed into law by Governor Dayton and will be effective a year from now.  It requires doctors and clinics to post cash, insurance and medicare costs for their most frequently bill goods and services.  It is a start, but I want to do more.

The health care industry is complex and includes many different layers with many people being compensated.  At the 6:45 mark, this video of a Health Care Economics Summit captures David Contorno presenting great information on the costs of surgeries and how price transparency can lead to drastic cuts to our health care costs (and health insurance premiums).

In St Paul, I will continue the fight to reduce health care costs and fight to empower patients.  This means taking tough positions against health care and pharmaceutical lobbyists.