MNSure is a Disaster for Rural Minnesota

Jeremy Munson delivered on his campaign promise and fought against special interest groups to bring price transparency to healthcare.  The health care price transparency legislation Jeremy authored was signed into law by Governor Dayton and will be effective July 1, 2019.  It requires doctors and clinics to post the prices for cash, private insurance, medicare and medicaid costs for their most frequently bill goods and services. It is a start, but he wants to do more to reduce healthcare costs, expand insurance options and increase access to affordable health care.  

He will continue to work to lower healthcare costs for rural Minnesota.  He understands that high premiums, medical costs and deductibles are troubling many families in our area.   Like many people in our district, Jeremy’s family lost its health insurance due to Obamacare and could not justify the prices for insurance through MNSure.  Last year, the cheapest insurance plan purchased through MNSure for a young family of four in Blue Earth County was over 24k dollars, plus a 13k dollar deductible.  This must change. This is a problem that disproportionately impacts rural Minnesota, because we have a higher number of self employed, farmers, and employees of small businesses.  We also do not have options for our insurance carriers.  We need to focus not only on the health insurance problem, but the cost of  healthcare problem.  MNSure has been a complete disaster and has proven that new approaches are desperately needed.  Single payer systems result in higher taxes, fewer provider choices and less access to care.  This is not what we want or need.

Minnesota needs new solutions to our healthcare crisis that involve free-markets and price transparency at the doctor’s office.  We should know what a procedure costs, before we receive the bill.  We should be allowed to shop for our health care and negotiate prices with our healthcare providers.  Every healthcare provider should be able to set its own price based on its own business model.  We also need more health insurance options in rural Minnesota.  We should be allowed to buy and sell insurance across state lines and determine our own coverage level, thereby increasing competition and lowering prices.  

We need to return the power over healthcare to patients.  Imagine what price transparency and patient choice would do to the healthcare market.  Consider Lasik Eye Surgery – a medical procedure which is not typically covered by insurance.  This procedure used to cost  thousands of dollars.  Since insurance companies were not involved, Doctors and Clinics were forced to compete for your business.  They improved technology, lowered costs and advertised to attract patients.  Now, Lasik Eye Surgery is advertised as costing only $249.  This drastic reduction in cost could be applied to all medical services and pharmaceuticals if we allow free markets driven by price transparency and strong consumer choice.

Jeremy Munson is the Republican Endorsed Candidate.  He needs your vote in the November election, so he can continue fighting to lower our healthcare costs.  He understands the impact healthcare costs are having on our communities, our hard working families, our local businesses, and our farmers.