Farmers and Ag-related Small Businesses

Agriculture is vital to the economy in our district.  It provides the foundation upon which many other industries are built.  Still, government is doing little but getting in the way of our farmers.  Through my experience farming and talking with farmers, I know the challenges they face.  I understand the struggle with high costs and low profit margins.  Between the overreaching regulations, insurance costs, high property taxes, consequences of high death taxes on family farms, legal barriers and the unequal playing field MN has created compared to other states, we can and need to do better to help our farmers and Ag-related small businesses.

Last session, I had the privilege to sit on the Ag Policy Committee and Ag Finance Committee.  After listening to testimony, hearing debate in committee meetings, and seeing how votes were being cast, it was obvious to me who truly supported farmers and small businesses.  This is why I formed the Republican Farm Labor Caucus (RFL) to bring more attention to issues facing farmers and laborers.  I formed the RFL to hold government accountable by providing a forum to inform people about the impacts of proposed pieces of legislation on farmers and laborers, update people on the progress of such legislation, and help farmers and laborers find a voice that truly represents their interests.   I am the Farmer Chair of the RFL and over 20 legislators have signed on as members.  We will stand strong in defense of Minnesota farmers.