Small Businesses and Jobs in Rural Minnesota

We need to improve the business environment in our state, so we can grow our companies, help our farmers, increase our jobs and attract new businesses to our communities.  Due to our high taxes and overreaching regulations, Minnesota was named the 3rd worst State for doing business.  This is why businesses in Minnesota are closing and taking jobs across the state lines.    As your Representative, I will be proactive and introduce new ideas.  As a small business owner myself, I understand the burden high taxes and overreaching regulations cause.  Improving our business environment will result in an explosion of economic growth, and opportunity in our district.  Reducing taxes and overreaching regulations to make us competitive with neighboring states will help hard working individuals, small businesses and farmers.  It will also attract new businesses and jobs to our district. Minnesota is competing against neighboring States for jobs.  With a healthy national economy, companies are expanding and hiring.  They are expected to bring back three trillion dollars from overseas to invest in the United States.  We need to fix our business environment quickly if we want those companies to invest some of that money in Minnesota.  I will fight for a level playing field and create a environment where businesses can grow and hire workers in Minnesota without being disadvantaged by high taxes and regulations.