Serving Rural Minnesota

We need a strong voice in St Paul to ensure our State Government does not just cater to the metro.  I am committed to serving the people in our area by helping to make our voices heard.  I am Jeremy Munson, and I need your vote in the primary on Jan. 29th.  Our area is more greatly impacted by the skyrocketing costs of healthcare, because we have a higher percentage of self-employed people, farmers and employees of small businesses than in the metro. We need price transparency at the provider level to drive down prices, and more insurance options. Our district needs its roads fixed. Our rural schools deserve equal funding per student as the metro schools.  And, we need a business environment that is competitive with other states, so our businesses and jobs stay in our communities and our economy thrives.

Government should work for us, not the other way around.  With this in mind, we will can reign in our spending, reduce taxes and eliminate some of the overreaching regulations that disadvantage rural residents and farmers in our state. 

I am not a career politician.  I am a self employed small business owner, with first hand farming experience.  This is not a career move for me. I want to serve our interests here in rural Minnesota.  I am running to make our voices heard and get things done in St. Paul.  As your Representative, I will work to lower healthcare costs and taxes, reduce overreaching regulations, build our roads, support our schools, hold the government responsible for our hard earned money it spends, and support the single-subject rule to reduce the amount of pork that is added to good legislation.