Cutting Taxes and Holding Government Responsible

Taxes & Spending

We need to cut taxes and reduce the size and scope of government.    Our State budget  increased by 9.6% last year alone.  Government overspending in Minnesota goes hand in hand with the desire to regulate everything.   While some government programs are necessary, we need to hold our government responsible for every dollar it spends.  We should know if programs and laws are producing the results we expect, because every dollar government spends, it takes from someone.  We deserve to know our money is being used effectively, efficiently and wisely.

We need to reduce property taxes and death taxes, create an automatic taxpayer refund when government over-taxes Minnesotans, and stop the efforts to raise taxes.  Greatly reducing spending levels and increasing take-home pay will result in growth and opportunity in our district.  Reducing taxes will help small businesses and farmers expand, allow family farms and businesses to remain in operation when one member dies, and attract new businesses and jobs to our district.   I am the only candidate who signed the Taxpayers Protection Pledge created by the Taxpayers League of Minnesota, promising all the people of this state that I will oppose efforts to raise taxes.