Mankato Times Press Release

By Joe Steck

Mankato Times
LAKE CRYSTAL, MINN. – On Wednesday, November 22, Jeremy Munson (R-Lake Crystal) officially filed with the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board for the House District 23B special election. Munson, a small business owner from rural Lake Crystal, is seeking the seat being vacated by Republican Tony Cornish.
“As the owner of a small business consulting company, I understand firsthand the effects of MNsure, over regulation, and high taxes on our local business and agriculture communities,” said Munson. “Minnesota needs forward thinking solutions that provide ample career choices and a robust economic climate for businesses to succeed. As a father of two young girls, I want to leave a better Minnesota for them. That is my motivation for heading to St. Paul.”
Munson is a fifteen year resident of the district with a diverse background in agriculture, entrepreneurship, and financial analysis. He has been active in the Republican Party since 1995 and was elected to his first party leadership role in 2007. Munson currently serves as the Minnesota First Congressional District Republican Party Chairman and previously served as the Chairman of the Blue Earth County Republicans.
Munson previously worked on a family farm, working in hog barns, cleaning out grain bins, driving combines, and hauling corn. He currently owns a hops farm. Through these experiences, he learned to appreciate the risks farmers face every year with razor thin margins, volatile input and output prices, and burdensome state regulations.
Munson and his wife Kallie have been married for thirteen years and together raise their two daughters, Gretta (age 7) and Stella (age 10). As a father in southern Minnesota, Munson understands the need for a strong rural education system.
As a Minnesota State Representative, Munson said he will work hard to ensure that we change the economic direction of our state so that our children, businesses, hardworking citizens, and retirees will happily remain in this state that we love.

According to state law, the Governor has no more than 35 days to call for a special election following a resignation to fill out the remainder of Rep. Cornish’s term. Cornish has said he plans to officially resign by December 1st.

Governor Dayton said he will move quickly to set a date for a special election to fill the 23B House seat.

“We have to navigate through the holidays, but it is important that a date be set to fill those seats prior to the next session of the Legislature which starts Feb. 20,” Dayton said.